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Arkéa is a cooperative group. As in any cooperative organization, customer shareholders are at the heart of corporate governance. As owners of at least one share, they are both shareholders and customers.

Arkéa’s directors are elected at the Shareholders’ Meeting from among the directors of the local savings banks of Arkéa’s member federations, who are themselves elected by the customer shareholders of their local savings bank.

All these first- or second-degree (or level) elections are based on the governance principle of the “one person, one vote" cooperative model. There is no procedure to grant multiple voting rights.

This system ensures that clients, who are the customer shareholders of the local savings banks, are truly represented on all Arkéa bodies. It also ensures that the Boards are administered independently from the company’s management.

Arkéa's organization as a cooperative and mutual company allows every customer shareholder to participate in collective decision-making, either directly or indirectly.