There are currently five Permanent Committees

The Risk and Internal Control Committee

It assists the Board of Directors in its duty to manage risks in accordance with the provisions of the decree dated 11/03/2014 relating to internal control of banking institutions, payment service providers and investment services subject to supervisory of the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR). Its role is to :

- to advise the Board of Directors concerning the Group's overall strategy and risk appetite both today and for the future;

- to assist the Board of Directors in monitoring this strategy by the executive Group's management and the Risk manager.

It includes the following members:

Marta CRENN, Monique HUET, Michel GOURTAY, Christian DAVID, François CHATEL (President)


The Financial Statements Committee

It supports the Board of Directors by assessing and controlling the reliability of financial information. Its role consists of taking note of the accounting principles applied and changes thereto, assessing the quality of accounting procedures, examining the financial statements of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and offering an opinion to the Board of Directors for their approval, and monitoring the audit program and findings of the statutory auditors.

It includes the following members:

Lionel DUNET, Guillaume GLORIA, Anne-Gaëlle LE BAIL, Yves MAINGUET, Colette SENE, Thierry BOUGEARD (President)


The Strategy and Social Responsibility Committee

It initiates Crédit Mutuel Arkéa’s strategic deliberations and supports the Board in its work. Its role consists of monitoring the progress of the Group’s strategic project, analyzing the interest and/or progress of major projects, identifying the indicators of results and impacts and measuring any differences relative to the schedule. It ensures that social responsibility is at the heart of the Group’s strategy. It provides ongoing strategic monitoring of the Group’s activities and emerging activities.

It includes the following members:

François CHATEL, Anne-Sophie GRAVE, Patrick LE PROVOST, Valérie MOREAU, Marie-Thérèse GROUSSARD (President)


The Appointments Committee

It supports the Board of Directors by issuing proposals or opinions with respect to appointments of the Group’s main corporate officers, directors of subsidiaries and permanent representatives to the governance bodies of companies in which Crédit Mutuel Arkéa has financial investments.

It includes the following members:

Christian DAVID, Patrick LE PROVOST, Luc MOAL, Thierry BOUGEARD, Sophie VIOLLEAU (President)


The Compensation Committee

It supports the Board of Directors by proposing or offering opinions on the compensation of the Group’s main corporate officers. It ensures the overall consistency of the compensation policy within the Group.

It includes the following members:

Thierry BOUGEARD, Isabelle DARDE, Luc MOAL, Patrick LE PROVOST (President)